Coffee Story

Our coffee partner is a local Melbournian roaster who takes an incredible amount of pride in their bean selection. The beans chosen for our blend are 100% Arabica beans, from South America, Central America and PNG.  Each bean has been carefully batch roasted before blending, ensuring optimum flavour profiles.

The South American bean provides a strong base of toasted almonds and dark chocolate notes, whilst the PNG and Central American beans provide the thick syrupy body with a long smooth finish. This coffee is fantastic with all types of milk-based drinks, including soy, and sensational as a black coffee with minimal acidity.

Our coffee partner is also a strong believer in ethically sourcing their beans and works directly with farmers at origin. This farmer direct philosophy offers greater transparency throughout the supply chain and ensures that a fair price is paid to local growers.

And did we tell you that our coffee partner was the first coffee roaster in Australia to be 100% carbon offset from tree to cup?